Suchmann's Favorite Caches

Sometimes I forget to update this, and it's really subjective anyway, so I hope no cache owners feel slighted.

OK, this is so hopelessly out of date that I ought to remove it, but I'll leave it here for now. I've found lots of favorites since the last time I added one here!


Cache Details
Night's Plutonian Shore Sadly, archived. This was a night cache, and quite an adventure. After doing Noctis Labyrinthus, another fun night cache, I still prefer Night's.
Wile E. Coyote This is a virtual with the best "wow" factor of any I've found.
Swept Away This is another virtual with a great "wow" factor.
Terra's Treasure This one is fun because of its location out in the open in a busy area.
Two Bit, Two Step Cache Aside from the great name, this one is just fun to find. Mind the cactus, though!
Homing In This one wins the prize for most creative container and concept.
KAMM O' Can Great paint job on a 50 cal. ammo can.
The Rock that Rolls An immensely popular traveling cache. Due to its "nature", it can hide in plain sight.
The Mystery on Hancock Hill "Most Out of Place" virtual.