100th Find

My 100th find was GCA312, Mother Load #1. I went for this one after finishing early at a customer site in this part of Austin. As you can see in the photo, I wasn't wearing my usual business suit this day because I had been working in the customer's equipment room.

The fire ant mound mentioned in the log below is located roughly under my right knee. Though not visible in the picture, the ants had already begun to come out.

This cache was the first in which I placed one of my recently-acquired packages of girl's hair paraphernalia. After exhausting my stock of new Matchbox cars, I thought it was time to trade some items specifically for girls.

My log:

November 4th, 2003

This was a personal milestone for me: the 100th find. While logging the cache, I sat on a fire ant mound. Note to the next finder: I tried to shake all the ants off the cache contents, but no guarantees. The plastic bags have holes from wear, and are providing only moderate waterproofing. The log book was a bit damp.

T: Switzerland pin
L: colored hair pins