1000th Find

My 1010th find was GC1ZA0Y, Great Flaming Ball of Cache. I'd actually had a different cache in mind for the milestone, but the timing worked out just right for me to find this extremely cool cache for my 1000th.

Found it at 3:40pm on Feb. 28th, 2010.

My log:

This was a memorable milestone cache for me: my 1000th find. It's almost certainly the last time I'll add a digit, so number 1K needed to be a good one, and this cache is one of my top favorites in the 7 years I've been caching. Nice job! Finding it was easy, and so was figuring out what to do. The hardest part was getting it ready for the next cacher. 
That being said, the actual performance of the cache today was not quite up to its full potential. The wind may have had something to do with it. But it's the thought that counts! 

I was in the right place at the right time to make this a milestone cache. Just happened to be at 999 when we were on the way back home from Corpus Christi, where my wife's Chinese dance students had given a performance at the Texas State Museum of Asian Cultures & Education Center last night. Normally I don't get to cache unless it can be done without having any impact on the family's schedule, but today I got a special dispensation to make a detour 12 miles out of the way and back. The timing worked out perfectly for us to get back to Austin by the starting time of another dance class. 

You'll see that I improvised to get the number 1000 into the picture. The "1" is a pair of Chinese Yo-Yo sticks. The two sticks have a string tied between, and the string is looped around the spindle of the Chinese Yo-Yo (not pictured), which is shaped like an hourglass. The three "0"s are golden rings with bells around the edge, used in a Chinese folk dance. 

I traded nothing, but left one of my Pathtags. Thanks for the fun cache! It's a pain to keep in working order, but worth it!