y300th Find

My 300th find was Ritchie's Clover Leaf in Woodway, near Waco, Texas. I really had intended to find an Austin cache by one of the respected locals, but when I get the chance to go out of town, I like to visit caches that I wouldn't normally have a chance to visit. I had spent this day working at the law firm just a few yards from the cache, and couldn't resist the temptation to go find it after work. (No, I didn't go to work dressed like that: this was a case where it helped to have a trunk full of geocaching contingency items.) 

My log:


This was my 300th find, at least according to geocaching.com (it showed 299 before I logged this one). I picked a multi to make the milestone find more interesting. This one was pretty easy, except when I couldnít get my GPS to project a waypoint. I tried to do it the way I did it last time, but it kept resetting the distance and bearing to 0. So I worked it backwards: waypointed the lamp post, then walked to the spot where the distance was correct and the bearing to the lamp post was 180 degrees from the posted bearing. It got me within 10 feet of the first redirector.

The coordinates on the second redirector were slightly smeared due to water damage on the ink-jet-printed strip, but it didnít affect the readability.

T: beads
L: bungee watch
Self portrait with container