500th Find

My 500th find was ACS#3: Pumpkin Princess's Once Upon a Cache in Austin, Texas. 0.5K! It's a humble milestone, but still brings back lots of memories. I have to resist comparing myself to cachers like The Outlaw, who placed this cache and who has well over ten times the number of finds. I am a kind of "accidental geocacher", and only get to hunt if I'm already going by the cache anyway, and only if I'm not already going to be late somewhere else. So it's amazing that the conditions have already been right 500 times! :)

By the way, if you know what my shirt says, I want to meet you!

My log:

I had been holding off on caching the last few weeks because I wanted my 500th find to have been placed by one of the old-timers in this area, someone I remembered from my first days of geocaching. So even when I had time to stop for one of those park-n-grabs, I restrained myself so my #500 would mean something. When I noticed that this cache was placed by The Outlaw, I knew it would have to be the one! I wrote in the original Pumpkin Princess story too, and had a brief but enjoyable email exchange with Pumpkin Princess herself around the time she got married.
So, today I spent a while adding to the story of Penelope, sitting at the new picnic table. The old wooden one was a little harder to write on, the last time I sat here to write. The weather was cool this afternoon. The park’s swimming pool was quite busy, but I saw only one other person in the area of the cache during the time I was there.

Thanks, Wayne, for keeping this cache going!