600th Find


My 600th find was Between 12:10 and 12:31
 in Waco, Texas. 

I know the picture is bad. It was the third and last, and the only one where something got in front of the flash. But other than that, it's better than the other two.

My log:

7:28 pm

I found this one just about sunset. It was a milestone find for me: #600. The nature of this cache became apparent as I walked up, even before I found 12:10 and 12:31. By the way, 12:10 and 12:31 are most often found with parts of a dead tree in between and on either side. :) 

Traffic was minimal... is this Spring Break at Baylor? I couldn't see anyone else while I was retrieving the cache, but that doesn't mean that no one could see me. 

I found this one without having to read all the way through the cache description, but if I had read it, I would have been reminded of nano-etiquette... I'm afraid I used more of the log than necessary, by 6 or 8 characters. Sorry! 

After this one, I went on to find several more on the campus. Thanks for the fun tour!