700th Find


My 700th find was West Katy Depot  in West, Texas (not west Texas).

I didn't realize this was my 700th find until I got around to logging the finds I made on the first half of this trip. So on the way back I had to make the detour back out to the site and take a picture for this milestone history.

Climbing up on the caboose reminded me of my college days, when I would ride trains at night. I could catch one that was going slowly on the line that ran through the campus, and jump off somewhere up to the north before the train picked up too much speed. There was usually another train waiting on a parallel track for the first one to pass, so I could ride it back down to the campus, where it would slow down as it passed through, and give me a chance to get off.

My log:

5:20 pm

This was my 700th find! Nice caboose. I always did like trains, and remember when they had cabooses... or is that cabeese?