800th Find

My 800th find was Counting by 2s (a Rutledge Elem. Travelbug Hotel).  The picture shows me holding the log book and the trackable items I traded.

My log:


This was my 800th find! I had been planning to do "Night Light (night cache only)" as this milestone find, but the nights have been inhospitable recently, and I haven't had time anyway. But when I saw GeoMire's post about this cache on the CentralTexasGeocachers group, I knew this should be the one.

Suchmate #1 went with me, and I let him solve the puzzle and open the cache. We took "The Rutledge Elementary Cube #2" TB and left "Suchmann's Maverick 65G Geocoin". This is an unusual, missile-shaped coin labeled "cache-seeking missile". It's goal is to be an intercontinental ballistic missile and do some globetrotting.

Thanks for the cache, GeoMire and Rutledge Elementary!