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Welcome to our sport/game/activity/obsession! You'll learn about your world in a whole different way. You'll never look at hollow trees, nuts and bolts, rock piles, and lamp posts the same way again! Someone has said that it's the most fun you can have with a billion dollars in military hardware without actually blowing anything up. This page will help you get started.


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The location of the world's first geocache

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I go by the caching name of Suchmann, which is a pseudo-German word I just made up, to mean "search guy". 

I've been geocaching since February 1, 2003, but usually I can only do it when it doesn't interfere with anything else I need to do. I keep my GPS receiver and smart phone loaded with caches so I can stop and grab one whenever I have an opportunity--hence "the accidental geocacher". 

My favorite thing about geocaching is the interesting places it leads me to, and my second most favorite thing is the creativity in cache hides that I have seen. According to a recent poll, my geocacher type is The Nature Lover.

You may click the stat bar above to see my profile on and contact me. You can also find my statistics there, on the "Statistics" tab. For a list of my milestone finds, and links to a description of each, look on the left side of this page. And check out how can show your statistics here. I took both the old and the new geocaching profile quizzes and they both told me I am the Nature Lover.

The Nature Lover


Without geography, you're nowhere.
-- Jimmy Buffett
in A Pirate Looks at Fifty (Random House); printed in Reader's Digest, March 2003

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I was number 37,227
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Nine Princes in Amber: an Austin geocaching treasure

I finally finished the Nine Princes in Amber series, and will now be recommending it to all new cachers that I meet in the Austin area. This cache series is my idea of what geocaching is all about. It starts by taking you on 14 hikes in different parts of Austin, with different scenery and different styles of hide, even though each container is the same. I guarantee you’ll discover at least one hiking trail that you never knew existed.

After visiting al 14 caches and collecting a card from each, you must solve a puzzle involving the cards to get the location to the first bonus cache. I found that there are two ways to solve this puzzle. Then, be prepared for a workout as you try to get to the final cache location.

There’s also a puzzle of a completely different nature that you must solve to get the coordinates of the second bonus cache, and you can claim a second smiley for this one if you follow the instructions, which require you to visit the posted coordinates as well as the actual location of the container.

The cache pages are masterfully done: the best I’ve ever seen. Follow this link to the “master” page, which is the listing for the first bonus cache. It contains links to all the other caches. All caches are "premium members only", to protect the treasure from casual cache raiders.

Nine Princes in Amber characters


I learned about and joined in the conversation. If you're like me, you almost never take your heavy photo gear geocaching, but your phone probably has a camera built in, and you may even have a point-and-shoot camera in your caching bag. The best camera is the one you have with you, they say, and I'm looking forward to learning from and contributing to this website. 

That's my number!
7 Souvenirs of August "Achiever" badge

My cache listed on Opencaching US is still the only physical cache in Austin listed on that site (as of 4/12/2014). The next nearest one is in between McDade and Giddings. There are a few virtuals that are closer.



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