Locationless Virtual Caches

Here are some locationless virtual caches that you might want to do. I'll add to this list as I have time and become aware of more locationless virtual caches.

Done* Cache Logging Requirements

"Timing" is Everything 

Create a set of coordinates based on a selected date and time. Go to those coordinates at the time you selected. You must take a picture with both your GPSr (showing the coordinates) and a watch (showing the time and date) in the picture, and post the picture online to claim this cache. If your GPSr shows both coords and date/time, then you don't need a picture of a watch.

Murals Around the World

Post a photo of yourself and your GPS with a mural in the background along with its coordinates and city/country where it can be seen in person. Feel free to include any information about the mural that helps describe it or explain its history. Please make sure there are no duplicate postings of the same mural. One find per cacher, each find can be logged only once.


1) Include a picture of a "BIG" gun with your GPS in the picture. Feel free to include yourself or one of your team members in the picture too. I feel that pictures should be optional, so if you can't include one, then that is ok. I trust you. 2) Indicate the City, Province and Country where it is located, along with the coordinates. Also if it is in a park or some other public place, indicate the name of that. Also include any information about the gun or where/when it was used, if you can find out. 

Rules: --Any sort of BIG GUN will qualify, such as a cannon or something like the one included in the picture. --A BUG GUN is something that one individual is not able to carry by themselves, and must rest on the ground or other solid object in order to fire. --The gun must no longer be in use and must be in a permanent resting spot. --No rifles, hand guns, tanks, planes, etc. --The gun must be in a public place or at least visible from a public place. I.e., it may be on someone's front lawn that can be seen from the road, but it can not be in your basement where no one but yourself can see it. --Only one find per person.


Beauty of Waterfalls 

Find and log a waterfall. Log must include:
  1. A picture of the natural waterfall you find and your GPSr (include yourself in the picture if possible) NOTE: IF THE GPSr IS NOT IN THE PICTURE, YOU'RE POST WILL BE DELETED!!! 
  2. Waterfall must be natural and have a minimum height of around 10 feet
  3. Coordinates of the waterfall (the closer the better)
  4. Where the waterfall is located (state, town, etc)
  5. Any info about the waterfall (height, history, name, etc.) is very welcome
You may log this locationless cache more than once, but only one log for each waterfall.

3 Steps Around the World 

The idea of this cache is to link three disparate locations together with super human steps (Leaps) of logic. Each cacher must “link” the first location of his/her report to the last location of the previous report, and then progress from there. The way that each location is linked is limited only by your imagination, and your ability to justify each step. The only stipulation is that you must visit each of your locations, and provide the usual photographic evidence.

Railroad Locationless: Merci Boxcars 

To claim a find you must be the first to locate one of the Merci Train boxcars that have not already been logged. To log your find you must upload a photo of the Merci Boxcar with you and your GPSr, report the coordinates where the photo was taken and the location (city, state, etc.) and tell which state that car represented. More Info

One Room Schoolhouses 

Find a one-room schoolhouse. Take and post a photo of the building - it must include your GPS. Give address or location of the building and the coordinates. If you know the history or year the building was built please share that information, as well as information on what the building is being used for now. The usual locationless cache rules apply - one "find" per geocacher and each school can be logged only once.


Detta är en virtuell cache. Leta upp en väderkvarn med fyra vingar. Ta ett foto på kvarnen och koordinaterna antingen var för sej eller tillsammans. Logga med foto, gärna med lite historia om kvarnen. För att jag inte skall radera din loggning får kvarnen inte tidigare vara registrerad. Naturskräpare typ nya vindmöller kommer att raderas.

[Basically it appears that you post a photo of a windmill.]


Old Stone Walls 

Find an example of an old stone wall made of dry-laid stone. This means no mortar was used. Upload a picture of it with your GPSr. Log the coords. Tell us of the nearest town and state.


Find a sign that marks where a road crosses into another state. Take a picture of the sign and note the road name or number, LAT/LON. You may take a picture from within your car or outside WITH YOUR GPS IN THE PICTURE. IF THERE IS NO GPS IN THE SHOT, YOUR LOG WILL BE DELETED. Only one log per sign, only one log per geocacher.

Frozen In Time 

Locate a fiberglass figure, like Bob's Big Boy. It can be anything that is being used as a display.  Take an photo with your GPS in the shot. Give the Coordinates, describe what the item is used for. Describe its size and make-up. Add anything interesting about the Figure. Only one person can get credit for each item and coordinates, only one log per person, and the same item can not be logged as a cache elsewhere. No more horse or cows unless they are part of an unusual display.

Be a Big Sport 

Find a public representation of some piece or pieces of oversized sporting equipment. Take a picture which includes your GPS, report the coordinates and the location, tell us something about it and claim the cache.

Painted Ladies 

Find a Victorian home and posts its coordinates and a photo, with GPS. Include any interesting details about the home or the neighborhood.


Find a lighthouse of HISTORICAL significance. Please log the LAT/LON and some of the history behind the lighthouse. TAKE A PICTURE OF THE LIGHT WITH YOUR GPS IN THE SHOT OR YOUR LOG WILL BE DELETED. Only one log per cacher, one log per light.


Get a picture of a warplane on permanent display at an airport or airbase. Include your GPS in the picture. Post the name of the airport, the model of aircraft, if known, and the coordinates of the display. Each display can only be logged once and only one log per cacher.

Old Historic Log Cabins 

Find an old historic log cabin that is over 100 years old and include the following:
  1. A picture of you or your GPS with the log cabin in view.
  2.  If the cabin has a historical marker or sign, include a picture of the marker or sign also.
  3. The coordinates of the log cabin.
  4. The location of the log cabin. (City, State or Country).
  5. The name of the cabin (If it has one)
  6. The approximate age of the cabin.

Only one historic log cabin per person and the same log cabin can only be used once.


Dome Home 

Find a HOME (not a business, stadium, museum, churches, etc.) that is NOT of the ordinary, conventional box shape (in other words, NOT a common rectilinear home). Take a picture of the home with yourself & GPS -or- your GPS with the home. Upload the qualifying picture with the coordinates and city, state (country) where the home is situated.


Find a Full size permanent Tee Pee (no backyard kiddie tents or anything that won't be there in the foreseeable future. Log the coordinates. Post a picture of you and you GPS with the Tee Pee. Only one log per cacher and one log per Teepee,please.

Water Towers, Plain Jane or Picturesque 

Find your local water tower and take a picture of your GPS at the tower and a view from a distance showing the town/cities name and artwork if any with your GPS in the picture. Include the Lat/Lon for the tower. The City, State/Province and Country. Each tower may only be logged once.

Observatory Quest 

Visit an observatory, and use your GPS receiver to make a waypoint. When you submit your log, be sure to fill in the boxes for the lat-longitude coordinates. Identify the observatory's location by street address, city, and state. Include the name of the observatory in your log report, and if it has a website, please include the URL. Take a photo that shows you, your GPS and the observatory. Take an additional photo that shows a sign bearing the observatory's name, and one more photo with a good view of the area. Upload the photos immediately after submitting your log report. You may log only one observatory visit for this cache, and that observatory may appear only once on this cache page.

Flatirons Everywhere! 

Find a flatiron building (see cache page for details). Your log must include (1) the name and location of the building, (2) the coordinates of the building, (3) at least one photo showing the flatiron features with your GPS (and you too if possible) in the picture, and (4) any other interesting information about the building (dates, present occupants, etc.). A building may only be logged once, and each geocacher may only log this cache one time.

Gramatically Incorrect 

Find a sign (or poster, billboard, etc.) anywhere in the world with BAD ENGLISH. Post a picture of the sign with your GPSr and post coordinates on the site, ALONG WITH THE CITY AND STATE (or city and country) where you found it. You're looking for signs with spelling mistakes, poor punctuation, and/or grammar problems. The bad English should be UNINTENTIONAL (Rite Aid and Shur Fine, for example, wouldn't count). Alternatively, find signs that are grammatically correct but that are simply nonsensical.Rules: Each sign may only be claimed once. Only one log per geocacher.

Fading Ads 

Find a "fading sign" (see cache page for details). Take a photo of the sign and if possible have your GPS in the picture. Log the coordinates of the sign and tell us the location so that others may enjoy these tidbits of our history before they vanish. Only one log per cacher, each location can be logged only once.

Railroad Locationless: Depots

Find a railroad depot being used for something other than a passenger depot. Upload a photo of the depot, report the coordinates, the location (city, state, etc.), the original location if moved, the original railroad, the year it was built and its current use. Additionally, please include any other historic information you find. You may only log this cache once, and can't log a depot that's already been logged.

No Sharp Corners 

Find a round building, take a picture of you and your GPS OR your GPS (if caching alone) in front of the building. No swimming pools, gazebos, grain silos, interiors of buildings, turrets or the like. The building must be a freestanding, round building. A business, home, or otherwise inhabited. Log the coordinates, City, State where the building is located. If you have one from overseas, feel free to log. Please include any historical info or anecdotes that you know- educate us!One log per geocacher, one log per building.

As Time Rolls On 

A locationless cache seeking KINETIC 'Rolling Ball' Clocks (see cache page for details). Must be a PUBLIC Rolling Ball (Sculpture-Sized) Clock. Valid finds MUST include photo of clock with GPS. Provide coordinates & location found (include city, state &/or country). ONLY 1 clock per cacher/Same clock can not be logged by more than 1 cacher.

Out of place Pyramids 

Locate a Pyramid that is out of place, such as one just built in the middle of a field in Idaho or one on the side of the road in France. Log in coordinates as close as you can get to an out of place pyramid.
Take a picture of the pyramid and your GPS. If the place has a history let us know about it or at least leave us a link to check it out. One log per 'cacher, a given pyramid can only be logged once.


Take a picture with your GPS of an AMERICAN FLAG standing alone on a pole. Include the coords that you found it, City, State, and any other interesting info.

Log a Lion 

Find a statue of a lion and take a photo of it. You should be in the photo, too. And you have to tell us the coordinates of this lion (take a photo of the GPS). Only log statues, heraldic animals or something like this. Don't log photos of living lions or such ones you find everywhere like company symbols. Every cacher can only make one log and every lion can only be logged once.

Whole Earth Globes 

Find and log an instance of large whole earth globes that exist in public places. Qualifying objects should be 1) accessible to the public, 2) three dimensional, 3) depict the continental land masses in some way, and 4) be permanent fixtures (ie don’t bring your kids globe to the park for the afternoon). You log should include a photo of the object with your GPS somewhere in the photo, the coordinates of the globe, and any other stories, background information, etc. A globe may only be logged once, and each geocacher may only log this cache one time.

Historic Forts 

Upload a photo of an historic fort you have visited - specifically to log this cache - that shows you and your GPS in the shot. Only one log per player, and each fort can be logged only once. Please read ALL the logs to be sure you're the first and only player logging your particular fort. Duplicates will be deleted.  Record the GPS coordinates for the fort entrance area in your log report. Use the special latitude-longitude boxes that appear in the log report form. Upload your GPS confirmation photo immediately after submitting the log. Please tell us about the fort. Provide some interesting facts about its history and the significant events that occurred there.

What a ZOO! 

Find a zoological garden other than this one anywhere in the world, take a pic of you or your gps at the location , and give the coordinates. One per zoo , one per cacher.

Plethoric Planetaria 

Use your GPS receiver to mark the location of a planetarium. Take a photo of the planetarium building that shows you and your GPS receiver in front of an official sign bearing its name. One or two additional photos showing the building and its surroundings will greatly enhance your report. Submit a log report that includes the coordinates at your planetarium sign, along with some descriptive information. Please state the street address, city, state/province, and country. Give us a paragraph or two that describes your visit, as well as the facility. Then immediately upload the required GPS confirmation photo in order to log this cache as found. The usual locationless cache rules apply: one log per player, and each planetarium may be logged only once. Please read all the logs to be sure your planetarium hasn't already been reported.
* By "done", I mean that I myself have logged it.