Night Caches

The trail to a night cache is marked using small reflective markers that can only be seen at night with a flashlight. If you try one of these, take a flashlight, a spare flashlight, and spare batteries for your GPS and both flashlights. Make sure your GPS is recording your track so you can find your way back, as the reflective trail markers for most night time caches are made to be visible from one direction only. You can't backtrack using the reflectors, so you'll have to use your GPS.

I'll add to this list as I have time and become aware of more night caches.

Done* Cache Details
Night's Plutonian Shore When you get to the coordinates, look for the RED reflector, the first of six. Walk toward the reflector and continue on the heavily mulched path in that direction. At a fork or intersection, take the direction marked by a reflector. The trail is very well marked; don't stray. Color sequence is RED, RED, AMBER, AMBER, RED, WHITE. Near the second AMBER reflector, avoid the cliff edge on the left; it's a long way down! At the fifth reflector (RED), look around for a WHITE reflector. Move back and forth a dozen feet or so along the trail until you see WHITE. This reflector marks "the spot." The actual cache site is within 20-30 feet of "the spot." The cache box is painted flat black.
  Night Vision Point your light into the woods and you should be able to see a small reflecting point/glint. Thats the start of the 'trail' of reflecting points leading to the cache. The points are markers placed on threes. You can see the next marker (and sometimes the two next) from the tree with the marker. You might have to move over to the 'other' side of the tree to see it, or take a small step away from it.
  A Glint Of A Night Time Cache The coordinates above will take to to a gate off of 144th ST NW and highway 302. Make sure you create a landmark before you begin so you can find your way out easily. Park here and walk northerly into the woods following the trail/road until you see the glint markers. The first marker is 300'~ from the gate at N 47* 23.430 W 122* 40.960. Follow the glint markers until you arrive at 2 markers together. This marks the cache. 
  xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx.
* By "done", I mean that I myself have logged it.